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Spring 2013 Featured Artist – Sofia Nicole

Sofia Nicole – I have been singing since the age of one, my parents say before I learned to speak, and I was humming and babbling songs I’d heard on the radio all the time. I wrote my first song when I was seven and have been writing lyrics ever since. I am fascinated by music; it has been the one thing in my life that has never let me down or made me feel like I’m not good enough. In 2009, I joined a band and we made great progress. We played at the Crash Mansion in New York, had multiple gigs at the legendary Stone Pony, The Saint, and Six Flags Great Adventure. We won numerous Battle of The Bands and recorded an EP which we put on iTunes. But it wasn’t enough for me. I needed to learn something new and wanted to challenge myself. After picking up a guitar at the age of 14 I added an instrumental element to my repertoire and am still pursuing greater mastery of this instrument. Since the band broke up, I spend all my time either in the studio, performing, writing songs, playing guitar, or playing keyboard – my latest learning endeavor. I’m working with a three time Grammy nominee, Brenda K Starr, who is my mentor and a very dear friend. I’m also currently working with a great team from BlockStars Production Studios on my first EP project. I also enjoy performing in competitions and coffeehouses, volunteering my time at cancer benefits, and taking part in Music therapy sessions at the Sunrise Assisted Living.

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Because my very first single, “The Aftermath” has officially been released! ♥



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Adam Rivera – Born in Central New York, Adam started playing guitar in elementary school. By the time Adam was in high school he started composing his own songs and lyrics. Adam now resides in Philadelphia where he is working on his 2nd full length album.

ALIEN ARCADE – Some of the artists the band will be performing; Maroon Five, Bruno Mars, Muse, Neon Tree’s, Fun, Cold Play, Calvin Harris, Train, Usher and much more…

Blackhand – BlackHand” is an American band which plays PsychodelicFolkRock in central PA, northern MD, & beyond. The ‘players’ are: ZigZag – Guitar & Vocals; Alex – Percussion & Vocals; John – Keyboards & Vocals; Kyle – Bass & Vocals. Interactive live performances, capitalizing on crowd energies & an ability to ride the flow, are quite unique! With more than 30 years combined experience and thousands of shows behind us, we deliver more than a show…we deliver an AmericanPsychodelicFolkRock experience. The blend of guitar, piano, bass, percussion, and melodic & harmonic vocals tug at the heartstrings, rock the house, and everything in between!

Dirty River Ramblers – Formed on a shared passion for string music, the Dirty River Ramblers build on the traditions of old time music and bluegrass. Featuring a close blend of vocal harmonies, and off-the-hip instrumental improvisation, the Ramblers will get your toes tapping with their homespun originals and their upbeat approach to the traditionals. Josh Krohn serves double duty playing the fiddle and banjo, Justin Kephart on mandolin, Mace Hathaway on guitar and Chris Hunke on bass. The Dirty River Ramblers hail from Omaha, NE, and are eager to entertain you. Kick off your shoes and get Dirty!

G Calvin Weston – G Calvin Weston was born June 6, 1959 in Philadelphia, PA. He became interested in drums at the age of 6, when he (and his neighbors) discovered his talent for rhythm as he beat on every car on the block. He lived in North Philadelphia where he saw musicians like Stevie Wonder, The Jackson Five and James Brown at the Uptown Theatre. Seeing his attention focused on the drummers, his Father bought him a small set. In high school Calvin learned to read music and played second snare in the drum ensemble. He co-founded the group Bad Influence which played in cabarets and clubs around Philadelphia.

Harry Walther Band – HWB is an energetic and entertaining R&R band with deep roots in the Philly music scene going back to the ’60′s, ’70′s and ’80′s. Playing originals and covers that include everything from Elvis, Beatles, Stones, Allman Brothers, ELO, U2, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Marshall Tucker, Johnny Cash and more!

Hogmaw – We ain’t your grannys bluegrass, no sir, we’re bringing a distinct abstract sound to string band music that can only be best described as THUNDERGRASS! “To try to explain HogMaw’s sound with a single word is an impossible task. Sure they have a traditional Bluegrass swagger, but bluegrass just isn’t big enough to contain their sound. Add the title jam band, call them progressive, and you’re a bit closer, and be aware that they rock the f**k out.” –Jonathan Hunt, TriState Indie

Lee Allen – is a singer/songwriter, self-proclaimed jam-ologist, and wild enthusiast of the creative community found in Philadelphia and worldwide. Though his passion has always been writing and performing, he has always done his part in supporting other local musicians, whether it be playing his djembe alongside Jay D Clark, taking shots of Brian Fitzgerald throughout college recording sessions, or his brief stint in writing local music reviews with the now defunct Philly Rock Blog. With a degree to teach math, Lee finished college with only one thing in mind: moving to the city and finding himself as a musician. Frequenting open mics throughout Philly, networking with other talented acts and now finally releasing his first 5-track EP, Acoustic Mix Tape. Lee is ready to take the stage at shows and make his name known as a multi-instrumentalist, an entertainer and a supporter of all things local and creative. His ambitions go far deeper than playing music to the masses. Curious as to what they are? Simply ask.

Nicki Sbaffoni – Nicki Sbaffoni, born and raised in southwest Pennsylvania, has been writing and performing music for more than half her life. After moving to the Philadelphia area in 2002, Nicki found herself impressed by the wealth of opportunity in the local music scene and promptly gave up her day job for a new one: Acoustic Entertainer! As summers approach, you’ll find Nicki playing solo shows up and down the Jersey shore and year round performing all over the Philly, NJ, and NY areas. Armed with an acoustic guitar, an unforgettable voice, and a set list 400 songs strong, Nicki Sbaffoni is sure to entertain your gathering, take your requests, and keep everyone singing along! Song selection spans many genres, from oldies and classic rock, through the 80′s and 90′s, to today’s favorites.

Pure Jerry – PURE JERRY continues on a mission. Since it’s formation in 2011 and formerly known as the Michael Morrow Band, the group has had one goal…to bring life and spirit to the music we all love…Jerry. What began as our “motto” has become our name. It is all about playing great Garcia songs pure and simple. Fronted by the journeyman jam guitarist Michael Morrow, the band explores a vast and classic songbook, showcasing versatile and fierce musicianship, and renowned signature vocals…uncanny, haunting and unmatched. Alongside Michael are veteran Grateful bassist Jeff Wandling (Alligator, Bear’s Choice, VW Project, Dead Bolt, Groove Train Riders), stellar organist Matt Hahn (VW Project, Third Orbit), a pair of talented vocalists in Marci Segal and Autumn Walden bringing the sweet harmonies, and drummer Marvin Kay (Steal Your Face). For acoustic shows, guitarist Paul Jameson joins the band to get the sound just right “For The Faithful”.

Rust – RUST is a group of experienced musicians with great depth in performing over the years since the late 60′s. Their passion for the music of Neil Young is clear as they create a memorable experience – close to going to a Neil Young concert. RUST recreates the unique acoustic and electric sound of Neil Young, with vocals that are very close to Neil’s own voice. They take you from Neil’s early work in the 60′s through his current releases.

Sandy Hall Music – A vocalist of extraordinary natural abilities and range with an intuitive sense of melody and pitch. Her mesmerizing, powerful, sultry voice and commanding presence is often compared to big-voiced rockers from Ann Wilson, Melissa Ethridge, Patti Smythe, Pat Benatar, Annie Lennox to Janis Joplin. Years of live performing have earned her the respect of her peers and fans – inevitably, she leaves the audience with a “goose bump” moment. Sandy started singing professionally very young- first appearing on local TV and radio and then later rattling the rafters of noted area hot spots as a lead singer for many rock, pop and special affairs bands. Presently, she continues to lend her voice to countless recording studios for session and national radio commercial voice work.

Sherry Marchefsky – Sherry Marchefsky, a native of Pottsville, Pa, returned to her hometown after 12 years on New Year’s Eve in 2008. Since then, she has been presenting her symphonic collection to her fans on the East Coast. Beginning at the age of 3, she was classically trained on the piano but her perpetual need for expression compelled her to start writing and composing.

Sofia Nicole – I have been singing since the age of one, my parents say before I learned to speak, and I was humming and babbling songs I’d heard on the radio all the time. I wrote my first song when I was seven and have been writing lyrics ever since. I am fascinated by music; it has been the one thing in my life that has never let me down or made me feel like I’m not good enough.

Splintered SunlightSince 1992 Splintered Sunlight has brought the music of the Grateful Dead alive to Philadelphia area clubs and theaters. Splintered also plays occasional shows in other cities in the area.

Split Decision – Split Decision is one of the most sought after bands in the Philadelphia area and has been since 1998. With over 250 dates annually, the band has risen to the top of the market by playing the hottest night spots around. Split also tours up and down the East coast from Boston to Virginia and as far west as the Ohio Valley. They also call the shore points between New York and Virginia home in the summer months.

Steal Your Face Band – Dynamic psychedelic jams, deep-funk grooves, tight emotional vocals, a little space and enough rocket fuel to get there and back – STEAL YOUR FACE is a high-energy band. Born from the Spirit of Jerry Garcia, Steal Your Face blends thought provoking original music with the vast library of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and other Classics. Each Steal Your Face show is a unique experience, audiences are captivated as they and the band push each other to new heights and make music together. Five musicians with impressive chops who are constantly intertwining with each other and the audience, Steal Your Face has a fresh sound that has the Woodstock generation reminiscing, the Bonnaroo kids screaming for more and everyone dancing.

The Brummy Brothers – Bluegrass music inspired by the people, experiences, and scenery of the American North East. The Brummy Brothers blend traditional styles, modern influences, and improvisation.

In January 2012, brothers Dave (Standup bass) and Eric Brumberg (Mandolin) formed The Brummy Brothers. Shortly after, they added Andrew Morris on guitar, and Russell Gottlieb on Banjo. The four band mates write original bluegrass and jam grass music and tour heavily throughout the Northeast. Recently, The Brummy Brothers have expanded their sound with the addition of Dylan Wheeler on Dobro.

Their already strong following is quickly expanding along with their touring regions. Clubs, bars, and other various venues cannot wait to get The Brummy Bros into their establishments. Within their first year on the scene The Brummy Brothers have already made a strong impression on the the festival circuit as well, performing at several small festivals.

Their music is high energy, uplifting and surprisingly eclectic. Their use of varied tempos, textures, and vocal harmonies creates a sonic sound scape that is unique and universally appealing…. Fans just can’t wait to, “Shake their BRUM!”

The Funktion – The Tri-States Premier Party Band. A spicy blend of the hits of today and yesterday with an explosive energy and edge not so common…refreshing and fun. Delivering the finest in presentation, musicianship,style, and professionalism: The Funktion has distinguished themselves from the rest by having a true sound by combining elements of Funk, R & B, Latin, and Soul and having the ability to make songs “their own”.
The group is electrifying , spontaneous – full of energy, and fun. With expressive harmonies with poppin horns – this is the Thoroughbred of show bands!

The Rockets – We are a 6 Piece, High Energy Band from Northeast Philadelphia. We play everything from Linkin Park to Build me up Butter cup and everything in between. We like to talk and party with all of our friends at our shows and meet new ones!!!! The Rockets are synonymous with the words “Party Band.” For well over a decade they have dominated the East Coast club scene. The Rockets have performed multiple times on National Television; VH1, CBS as well as performed the National Anthem for the Flyers, Phillies and 76ers. The notoriety the media has affixed on The Rockets has made them a household name on the east coast. The Rockets 2012 are a 6 piece rhythm machine with multiple front people. Jay Thomas, Derek Petaccio and Chris Taylor lead the band with tremendous vocals and an exhaustive stage show while each play keyboards and guitar also; Toby Vattilano on drums, Christian Lynch on bass and Michael Fallis on lead guitar and vocals.

Veronica Ballestrini – I’m Veronica. I write songs. I grew up in Waterford, CT, but have been in Nashville for a while now making music. I got my first guitar when I was 12. I’ve never been good at talking about the way I feel, so that is where lyrics come in… If I’m ever confusing or hard to understand, I’ve possibly stayed up all night writing a song to explain myself. I’ve come to realize that someone is always going to hurt you or disappoint you in life, and although I do get bitter about it, I am thankful for the ones who have broken my heart. There was a reason for it. I’ve learned you have to embrace the bad times to find the good ones. I love traveling new places, meeting new faces, sounds cliché, but it’s true. :) I love helping people. I have learned to live in the moment, because this moment, right now, is all we have. Thank you for listening to my music. Thank you for reading this. I love Jesus. I love smiling. I love love. And I love you. I live to love, as He first loved me.

Vic Della Pello – NJ Based Singer/ Guitarist/Mandolin/ Songwriter, born with a record needle in his head. Vic Della Pello has spent the past 25 years performing, writing and recording through much of the Tri State area. Original bands, Cover Bands, solo ect ect. Along the way he has opened for a few of his heros. Warren Zevon, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett , Steve Forbert & Ritchie Havens, to name a few. With 6 self penned CD’s ,including Broken Heart Tattoo released in 2011, theres sure to be something for everyone to connect with. Americana Rock & Roll, straight from the heart of NJ.