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Get Shit Done. Plain and Simple.

I’ve spent years of my life traveling this country with no sense of direction. Those times are OVER! I’ve decided to put my energy in a positive direction. I’m taking all of my ideas and producing them instead of just talking about them. I being a thinker and not much of artistic type have decided to utilize the artistic talent of so many of the people in our wonderfully diverse community. We will continue to provide jobs for many artists whether it is simply posting their art on our site for sale or hiring them to produce one of the many ideas from the stockpile.

All of our work from website design to pin and t-shirt design are completely within the scene. We even provide our artists with the majority of their supplies to make sure that they are not spending their hard earned money on supplies. We just had an addition to the Get Shit Done family, a brand new Melco embroidery machine. Coming soon, our new line of patches and embroidered clothing. If you are an artist or simply someone with ideas we would love to work with you.

Remember every good friend once was a stranger.

Don’t be a stranger. GET SHIT DONE!
Our History

Get Shit Done is a NJ based company that was started in September 2011 by Justin & Kiki. We started out making some simple Grateful Dead pins. We soon hired an artist, Ali from MA, to draw up our detailed pin ideas. She worked with us for 3 months before we ever met her in person.

In March 2012, Justin invested in an embroidery machine. Justin & Kiki started making hats, patches, & hoodies. They focused mainly on the hats, improving every month. There are now 40 designs in their collection. Mostly Grateful Dead, sacred geometry, & crop circles.

Kiki & Justin
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator
Justin & Kiki started Get Shit Done in September 2011. We started making lapel pins & expanded into embroidery. We do all of the embroidery work out of a little shed in our backyard. We hire artists to draw our ideas. We are always learning & growing…


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